Be relevant in your liking don’t follow blindly

News 06:04 April 2024:

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If you are on social media, I want to believe you are already registered in one or more social media platforms.  One thing is for sure, it is not easy to be on the same platforms at the same time but you can choose to have free likes by what you post and share.  Every one on social media platforms yearns to have a large number of likes for better standing on any platform.  The first rule of the thumb is to increase your liking or following.  There are a lot of quality content posted daily and if you feel it is adding value liking it will increase your presence.

Some of these social media platforms have a feature that shows you how many likes you have posted.  I wonder how it is easier to get such free likes when you rarely go out of your way to like what others have posted.  Be very active on the social media platform.   Do your search and find people with similar interest and like their pages.  This will in the end give you a better platform by ensuring that the people in your circle can identify with you easily.