Do not Over Promote

News 05:04 April 2024:

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There are so many businesses that have taken the leap and set up social media pages to help them publicize their businesses and ultimately be able to grow them. There are those that are however getting very disappointing results and they really just cannot understand why. They do not seem to be getting the free likes that they had thought would automatically start rolling in. Their customer base is also not growing after they set up the social media pages and they are wondering what they are doing wrong.

Thereis one very fundamental fact that ought to beunderstood. People will like you on social media based on the content that you post on social media. It is the content that people like; it ought to be engaging and relevant to them. A large number of businesses however choose to only post promotional content on their pages. This actually has the effect of driving people away. To get those many free likes that you want, it would be best for you to maintain a kind of 80-20 rule. Post 80% of non-promotional content and 20% of promotional content. You can adjust the percentages depending on eth audience that you are targeting but just make sure that you do not over promote.