Two Types of Automatic Likes

News 05:04 April 2024:

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After in-depth consultations and finally opting to buy automatic likes, it is important to understand the subscription you are settling for. The vendors in the market give the buyers the option to subscribe per post or to subscribe to a particular post for a specified duration. Between the two, there is no superior one over the other as they are all active in own scenarios. It is upon you to liaise with the vendor to choose the one that will fit your needs efficiently. Doing the choosing on your own can be disastrous if you settle for the wrong choice.


Those seeking to market a single product for some time like in the case of promoting a new product in town, the best one is buying the automatic likes to be generated for a given period on the same post. This is because you are marketing the same product and the post will be relevant in that entire period. Those marketing various brands under one roof will prefer to subscribe to each post as they will be of different brands. The two scenarios are different, and only a thin line separates the two. Be cautious.